7 Most Deadly Water in the World

The world is 70 % of which is in the form of water . Why is that ? Because water is a major ingredient for living things need to survive in this world . But do you know if there is a deadly waters ? Yes , even if its existence is beneficial , water - water that was launched by the listverse.com can be deadly because it is very dangerous if consumed by humans . Curious what ? see 7 water deadliest in the world who quoted from unikgaul.com :

1 . Johannesburg river


 If you are looking berkesampatan river water around Johannesburg then you have to be careful because there will be a lot of running around inside E. coli bacteria . Coli bacteria count in the river is also so much to exceed the reasonable rate . Some areas , such as the Cheetah Bridge , there are E. coli 240 -fold that of course if you consume can cause severe abdominal pain .

2 . Lake Karachay


Karachay Lake Karachay is located in the pristine , beautiful but deadly . The lake could be the most dangerous radioactive sources in the earth because of a major nuclear waste dumping ground until the late '90s . Karachay poison enough to kill without having to drink the water . How can that be? Because by standing on the side you can receive a lethal radioactive radiation attacks will not be lost until at least 500 years later .

3 . Potomac river


Potomac River is located in the down town Washington DC and is considered a deadly river because of frequent deaths there . The area between Great Falls and Chain Bridge forming rapids that flow down as far as 1.5 kilometers so that strong currents can make anyone trapped and died in the water . Reported an average of six people are killed each year in the Potomac that makes it so bad .

4 River Belle Fourche


Belle Fourche river not toxic , radioactive or educate . However, this lake has dots deadly whirlpool of unknown cause . Located near the dam Diversionm lot of deaths that occurred there . Mostly it is people who are enjoying the beauty of the river , but trapped in the whirlpool and disappeared under the water .

5 . Tualatin river


Tualatin River in Oregon is not a pleasant place for a dog . Because almost every year many pups died due to exposure to toxic blue-green algae . The algae actually contain bacteria that can make diarrhea worse for those who consume the water .

6 . Boiling Lake


Boiling Lake Named and discovered in 1870 by two British men . Temperatures in the lake reached 82 to 91.5 ° C ( 180-197 ° F ) are very capable to make your skin exfoliate . Do not quit shocked , because temperatures as high as it is measured from the edge of the lake , which means in the middle and it was much hotter . Intend to measure it ? Hopefully not terebus alive .

7 . Lake Kivu


Three hundred meters ( 1,000 feet ) beneath Lake Kivu there is a time bomb . The time bomb is more than 250 cubic kilometers ( 60 cubic miles) of carbon dioxide substance with about 65 cubic kilometers of methane gas which is more than enough to supply power to several countries . The problem is if the bomb was secured when it will flood the surrounding settlements and could kill thousands of people . The methane gas is now inactive and may be a matter of time .

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Here's 5 Largest Military Base , as quoted from unikgaul.com

5 . Fort Benning

( population : 107 627 , Area : 182,000 ha )

Fort Benning was built in the area known as the " Tri - Community " , in Columbus , Fort Benning , Georgia , and Phenix City , Alabama . The base was established in 1918 . Spans an area of ??182,000 hectares . Known as Manoeuvre Centre of Excellence , Fort Benning became home to infantry and armored .

Total population at Fort Benning reached 107 627 people, made up of 27 436 active soldiers , 6639 reserve component , retired 43 726 , 21 414 dependents / other officers etc .

Beginning of construction , Fort Benning basic training to become a unit of World War I and the base is home to 4,000 officers and 95,000 people registered for the World War II .


4 . Joint Base Lewis - McChord ( JBLM )

( population : 209 486 , Area : 414,000 ha )

Fort Lewis ( Joint base Lewis - McChord ) located in the Pacific Northwest in the Puget Sound , Washington state . Began operation in January 2010 as a result of consolidation of Air Force Base Fort Lewis and McChord .

Population of 209 486 people, made up of 27,000 active-duty military , 52 486 family members , 10,000 civilians and 120,000 retirees . This base serves as a training and mobilization center for all military services .

The strategic location of JBLM make the unit capable air force airlift for combat or humanitarian missions to any location in the world with airlifter aircraft C - 17A Globemaster III transport aircraft / cargo best U.S. Air Force .


3 . Fort Hood

( population : 217 003 , area : 214 968 ha )

Located 60 miles north of Austin and 50 miles south of Waco , Fort Hood spans 214,968 acres in Bell and Coryell Counties . Fort Hood to be the greatest place for armored units of active United States , and is the only post in the United States is able to accommodate two full armored divisions .

Population of 217 003 inhabitants, consisting of 4,733 active officers , 39 262 active soldiers , 74,294 family members , 89,805 retirees , survivors and family members , and civilian employees 8909 / NAF / other .

Fort Hood was established as a home for damaging tanks and anti - tank weapons during World War II . Now the base is used as a mobilization station for the reserve components of the Army and National Guard units , and as a strategic power projection platforms .


2 . Fort Campbell

( population : 234 914 , Area : 105,000 ha )

Fort Campbell is located between Hopkinsville and Clarksville , in the border state of Kentucky - Tennessee . The military base was established in 1942 and was first activated during World War II . Fort Campbell to accommodate an active soldier in the army ( the largest fifth or seventh largest in the Department of Defense ) .

Fort Campbell is home to the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault , the only air assault division of the U.S. Army

Six units become " tenants " are the main Fort Campbell 5th Special Forces Group ( Airborne ) , 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment ( Airborne ) , U.S. Army Medical Activity , TN Valley District Corps of Engineer , U.S. Army Veterinary Command and Dental Activity .

The total population base consisted of 30 438 soldiers , 53 116 and 151 360 Other family members include retired military , retirees and family members of reserve components .


1 . Fort Bragg

( population : 238 646 , Area : 163,000 ha )

Fort Bragg is the largest U.S. Army base in terms of population . Located in the west of Fayetteville , North Carolina , is home base for the 82nd Airborne unit .

There are 52 280 active duty soldiers in Fort Bragg , reserve component and 12 624 students ( temporary duty ) , 8,757 civilian employees , 3,516 contractors and 62,962 family members of active duty soldiers . Fort Bragg is also home to 98 507 military retirees and family members .

A tactic of war is quite evident during World War II, was born at Pope Field at Fort Bragg . Also known as home to the " Home of the Airborne and Special Operation Force " , Fort Bragg is also home to the XVIII Airborne Corps and the 82nd Airborne Division , U.S. Army Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army Parachute and Team ( the Golden Knights ) .

Several other units , such as the Corps Support Command , 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade , 16th Military Police Brigade , 20th Engineer Brigade , 108th ADA Brigade , 44th Medical Command and the 18th Fires Brigade was also stationed at Fort Bragg

7 animals most scared snake

This is the dreaded snake animals , sometimes when we neh Part of humans that look ordinary snake shuddered and its definitely stay away . But not with the animals below. But friends of friends turned unikbaca know snake also have natural enemies in the wild , the snake finally got his opponent equivalent in nature , this proves that the class snake though fear still exists , and this is a lesson for all of us , is like saying there is still a heaven in the sky , has not it , and this is the dreaded snake 7 animals .

1 . hedgehog


Hard to imagine it will be defeated by a snake is slow and weak animals like hedgehogs . hedgehog can easily kill a viper snake . Hedgehogs have a shield of duri.Duri - urchin spines are very, very dangerous for the snake . snake will be seriously injured and when the snake was going to bite the porcupine weak neck snake bites last few times and will crush the snake spine . Hedgehogs can tolerate doses of arsenic that if tested in humans could kill 25 people . But the hedgehog can also die if bitten by a snake on a particular section . Echidna hedgehog is the weakest part of the hedgehog .

2 . badger


Badgers are well known for their ability to kill snake . Badgers will be grabbed at the back of the head of the snake and the snake will bite with their powerful jaws . Snake with a length of 1.5 m can be spent Badger in 15 minutes . Badger immune to cobra could be highly neurotoxic to humans . Badgers will be a little faint if bitten by a poisonous snake but soon after realized badgers will eat the snake . This ferocious carnivore known as a snake hunter .

3 . mongooses


Mongooses ( ferret ) paralyze the snake with their views ( like hypnosis course hihihihi ) after the snake does not move as fast as lightning ferrets will bite the snake in the head with powerful jaws . ferrets have a thick layer of skin so that the snake can not easily get into their bodies . Mongoose cobra can kill all 3 m . moongoose but not entirely immune to snake venom . Mongoose takes several hours to recover his strength after being exposed to snake venom . normally after mongoose recovered his strength he would attack the snake back and eat the snake . Head of the snake will be the first meal times.

4 . Secretary bird


Bird called the secretary because she has a tuft of bristles resembling ditengkuk old secretary who tuck their ears pencils . Secretary birds are usually killed the snake with a powerful kick with as secretary bird has a long and strong legs . If you can not membuuh snake on the ground , secretary bird will bring snake into the air and threw stones .

5 . Snake Snake Eater


There is a snake eating its own speisesnay ! They are Musaran snake ( Clelia ) from South America . And of course is the King Cobra snake . King Cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world , can reach 5.5 m in length . A scientific name Ophiophagus which means snake -eater and the most preferred prey adalah.ular King Cobras Cobras ! It's an ungodly snake ! King Cobras in North America also likes to prey on other snake are venomous rattlesnake ( rattler ) . King cobras are immune to rattlesnake venom .

6 . birds Raptors


Raptor bird or snake eagle . This bird inhabits regions of Europe , Asia and Africa . Their favorite prey are snake .

7 . Armadillos or anteaters


Armadillos snake kill themselves by crashing the snake so the snake is cut off by a shell Armadillos are very hard and sharp .
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Alcoholic beverages Girl With Breast Sense

An alcoholic beverage vending companies from Germany, G - Spirits tried to present a new taste in the art of drinking alcohol . They try to present a girl breast flavored drink .

Alexa Varga , G - Spirits


Reportedly , a variety of beverages consisting of a limited edition vodka , rum , and whiskey was poured over the chest of the first model before then in -package into the bottle .
The models involved are Alexa Varga , Amina Malakona , and Evelin Aubert . They also photographed while contributing to the 2,500 -liter G - Spirits , who then put the photo in a web company and the bottles were sold .

Amina Malakona , G - Spirit


The spokesman admitted , even though it is a campaign to attract the attention of consumers , but also health standards considered .

" We pay high attention to late - hygienic filling process , the medical personnel present to check it out .. , " said the spokesman , was quoted as saying anaxmuda.blogspot.com

What ya like it ? So curious .

Evelin Aubert , G - Spirit

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9 Habits of Japanese People

I stepped on nearly three months in Japan , I slowly began to recognize the habits of people here . Although initially it was considered sufficient practice " contrary " to the habits of most Indonesian people , but eventually I memakluminya too . Where trampled earth , there heaven upheld . However, I should be able to understand their habits . So far , there are some Japanese people who according to custom rizaldp.wordpress.com interesting to know .

1 . Maintain local languages
There are interesting from this habit . That said , the Japanese reportedly have poor English skills , so they often talked with Japanese , even if it's the stranger . Once at a time , even though they know that I am a foreigner , they still use Japanese when starting a conversation . As a result , I could only stare - stare alone . When I say do not understand , they keep trying to convince , while still using the Japanese language .

Likewise, when in supermarkets and other public places . Every time the Japanese ask and communicate , they often use the Japanese language . What they do not know that I am a stranger ? That the Japanese language is not my mother language . Thus , although the foreigners , most Japanese people still use their local language .

According to what I observed , the Indonesian different again . Though not understand English, but the Indo keep trying to speak English to foreigners , although it haltingly . I remember when at first Bromo , Elf driver ever dared to speak English to tourists . At least , we can appreciate their own language . This indicates that the Indonesian people are very open to foreigners .

During my college here , I also intensive Japanese language course ( campus facilities ) . I had thought that every foreigner ( status as a student , whether if another status ) were entered Japan , the average Japanese is taught . Thus , as in the stranger - " naturalized " and should be able to speak Japanese . Whereas in Indo , I do not know whether any foreign students are also given the facility to learn Indonesian ? Alternatively , the Indo that he is very friendly , so let the fatigue - weary learn English ?

2 . mannered
Is it true that the Indonesian people politely - mannered ? I doubt it because I was not given time to cross the street , I was hesitant because of the traffic jam when no one wants to budge . But , while in Japan , I really feel that politeness . Crossed paths with the security of knowing the car will not precede the bike . Car will not precede motorcycles , motorcycle succumbing to cyclists , and cyclists yield to pedestrians . Yes, the pedestrian is king of the road !

When will I ever get across, there is a car waiting in front of me . Not him , apparently he waited for me to cross first. But , because it is waiting , I 'll let the car was to pass first . And ... the guy in the car directly memanggutkan their heads very grateful . Extraordinary politeness that I feel . In fact , when I passed in front of people who are depriving the grass , the people say sorry when I say excuse me . Maybe he felt he had stood in the way of others. I do not know , which I heard was nagging when I did in Indonesia.

Here , honking is a sign of danger . Horn sounded only at times of crisis , it should not be beyond the honking . Hence , the streets are not noisy atmosphere .

3 . fond of sports
It also makes me applaud . Why not, when I got home from campus around 19:30 JST , I met with the Japanese people who are jogging . In fact , the weather being cold and I think the most comfortable if the silence in the house . And , as the Indo , of course I felt " weird " to exercise habits these evenings . Still mending if futsal team or that done . But , if done alone and at night , it feels " weird " . And this is a Japanese custom that I should tolerate.

And everywhere, quite a lot of Japanese students also like to wear sweatpants . I do not know , what he's after exercise or not . In fact , when in the classroom , there are wearing training pants . I wonder if there is a relationship between their pants and sports training . Indeed, the Japanese do not like if it is not moving . In fact , parents also love to exercise . I often see parents who like to bring their dog walks into the gardens . So , do not be surprised if we ask them who their family members , they will calculate their dogs .

And interesting facts , the most famous sport in Japan is baseball . That's why , if in the cartoons , sports are often used as extras is baseball . Doraemon remember impressions ? still remember when Giant was always invited to play baseball to Nobita and Suneo ? And for the Indonesian people , baseball is not a common thing . Indonesian people more familiar with football and badminton , right ?

Mensana in corpore sano . In a healthy body , there is a strong soul . Japanese people may be respected because they have a toughness its human resources . And we should not underestimate , exercise can be a starting point . Did not the Holy Prophet has also said that a strong Muslim dearer than a weak Muslim ? And the Prophet has taught us exercising with archery , swimming , and horseback riding ? Japan is not a Muslim country , but they are well aware of these physical health .

4 . Do not like wet
Not in the sense like wet while in the restroom . Each small room seems to have had its grand -design . Designed with the concept of a dry and completely automated . Of course this is difficult for me is more familiar with wet toilet like in Indonesia. And it is also difficult for the Muslims , because we have air- istinjaa ( purification , washing ) with water . In fact , one of the sensei asked if there was a dry toilet when going to Indonesia . Given the nature of most of the wet toilet in Indonesia .

So , it would be very difficult if we intend to take a shower on campus , because the toilet in a public place not designed for bathing . How can a shower , just a little wet floor directly drained by the janitor . For ablution , we used to perform ablution from the sink when you're on campus . And if the floor got wet , we dried quickly . However , thankfully , over time we 've started to get used to .

5 . Eating a lot but stay slim
As long as I am in Japan , I once saw a Japanese jaraaaaang fat . Average lean and proportionate . In fact in my opinion , more skinny . Maybe something to do with love custom sports above . At best beefy , that too can be counted on the fingers .

In fact , when my friends were party to his lab , he can only eat up to 10 stacks of plates of sushi ( sushi 1 plate 2 ) . While Japanese friends , even until the end plate 30 . But , strangely still skinny body . I do not know , maybe because it's the most Japanese food containing protein . Or may also be due to the metabolism of the Japanese people better than the people of Indonesia who once ate , rapid weight straight up . May also lifestyle issues ?

6 . Unusual handshake
The early acquainted with the Japanese people , I always carry my habit while in Indonesia , the thrusting hand as a sign of opening introduction ( specifically same-sex ) . But , it turns out my hand sodoran replied with a nod of the head and the body bows . Cash , I started to follow the movement of my interlocutors , and end up not shake .

In general , the introduction usually always accompanied by shake . However , in Japan the other again , we do not need to thrust the hand . That we need only mention the name , then membungukukkan body while saying yoroshiku onegai shimasu . Habits of Japanese people are one of Muslims is very beneficial , especially when dealing with people who are not mahram ( be married ) .

If we in Indonesia , when will shake hands with someone who is not mahram , usually we will tighten our palms and put him in front of his chest . That way , the other person will understand . However , if we are dealing with strangers who do not know , we will find it hard to explain . And the possibility of misunderstanding will occur if there is no proper communication . Typically , our speaker will thrust the hand , then we reply with a greeting " Eid -style " .

For any gratitude , ordinary Japanese people do not shake hands . Usually they will bow , or at least nod . Large-small size of the Japanese sense of gratitude we can see from his bow . The more bent the sign he was very grateful . Nod of the head is usually for regular acknowledgments .

The difference with the Indonesian people , if we feel grateful , we will greet our speaker with both hands . And then usually hugged interlocutors . But , once again , in Japan it's another story . So , as a newcomer , we want - not willing to follow their habits , although it is considered to be small .

7 . culture queue
Do not let our bad habits in Indonesia carried over to Japan , which runs over the culture ! Japanese people are very loyal to the rules and common courtesy to others , including for matters queue . Queuing discipline has become a culture of the Japanese people . We ( immigrants ) should ngeh queued with their culture , lest we embarrass abroad .

Different city , different can also embraced cultural society. In Osaka , if using the escalator , you should use the right side of those who are not in a hurry and let the left side for those who want to rush . While in Tokyo ( and some other cities ) , the slow lane is on the left and on the right path rushing . Be careful , do not let us stand in the way of others. The Japanese themselves look so sorry for yourself if they get in the way of others.

Another story , in a way , once I got stuck in a long traffic jam . I was surprised , it was the first time I felt so bad in length . I guess in Japan free jam , then I know that there are accidents that cause the congestion . But , how elegant the Japanese people in the pass-traffic . Yes , they remain in the queue of vehicles that should be .

Really impressed me . Why not, I can imagine the atmosphere congestion in Indonesia noisy with the sound of the horn ; between the driver no one wants to beat each other , and bypass other mental behavior . But , look at the photo above , there is absolutely no bypass of the left side , and also no horn noise . Really we should emulate.

8 . The radius of the letter " V " when photographed
Try to ask for photos with Japanese people , or telling them when to shoot style . Almost always their fingers directly stylized " V " with a smile best . I , an Indonesian , so went along like the Japanese style when photographed , hehe . Understandably , contaminated the local culture .

Of course we can easily guess what the purpose of their fingers . Yes , it is a symbol of " peace" - peace . But , for the Japanese themselves , the radius of the "V " is the symbol of happiness . So , if they use that style when photographed , it means they want to show happiness . Not that those who did not was not happy , hehe ..

9 . Uncomfortable sitting next to each other
I actually know this habit of nihonggo sensei . Indeed , this one is my sensei occasionally likes to tell about Japan and likeness rupinya . Ranging from religion , shopping , places in Japan , to the Japanese habit of day-to- day . Sensei time I asked , as an Indonesian , how unusual seating position if you're chatting with friends .

For me , I was more comfortable to sit next to my friend when chatting . I feel more free and not awkward . Because then , we could be more relaxed . I actually feel uncomfortable when sitting face to face . Somehow , it feels uncomfortable , because with that position , our eyes are forced to keep eye contact .

But , another Japanese custom . Instead they are uncomfortable when sitting next to each other . They prefer to sit face to face . If you 're into the cafeteria , restaurant , or library , I did not see the Japanese people who sit next to each other . Everything sat face to face . Even if there are people who sit beside him , it could be because of limited seats or indeed have to sit in that position ( as in bus , train ) .

So , do not be surprised if in a restaurant , cafeteria , or library , the average Japanese person sitting opposite each other . Once upon a time , I asked my Japanese friends to practice conversational Japanese. Then , we looked for the right place until we finally found two long benches that face to face . As the Indo , I certainly used to sit next to each other . But , when I would sit next to my friend , I even asked to sit in front of him . He immediately invited me pointing to his chair .

And at that time , I immediately remembered the story of my sensei nihonggo that Japanese people are more accustomed to sitting next to each other face to face ketimbangan , strange she said
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10 Deadly Food in the World

The food is a nice thing , especially if you're hungry . And do you know if the food in many countries there is not the same with each other . Besides that , there are also foods that seem to be made of material is quite dangerous .

Yes , call it a food made from poisonous fish or rotting cheese . But strangely , it's the food like there is still eating and be really careful . Although deemed illegal , harmful food was still there . What are ya food? Reported bagusseven.blogspot.com , they are :

1 . Naga Jolokia chilli

.Book of world records noted that Naga Jolokia pepper is the hottest pepper in the world has ever seen . This chili grown in Nagaland , India . Several other areas in India like Assam and Manipur also a place that many found Naga Jolokia . So spiciness , when you consume 4 kg Naga Jolokia , you could die.

2 . Datura

One of the American Indian tribes use the fruit plant Datura trumpet is to determine if a boy ready to be a man . Datura fruit contains toxins that can cause strong delirium , fever , rapid heart rate , until the permanent amnesia . In which the boy was eating the fruit of Datura locked up a few weeks ago and if it survived then he has become a man.

3 . Calabar bean

In tropical Africa grew a pea caliber that you can find in Calabar . A description of the dangerous foods are very clear for Caliber . Because these peas have high toxicity . Desperate to try ? Then you have to get ready to experience nerve damage , muscle spasms , respiratory and digestive system damage and even death .

4 . casu Marzu

On the island of Sardinia , Italy is a local cheese that is prohibited on the grounds called Casu Marzu hygiene . This cheese is made from sheep's milk and accidentally injected with a special fly larvae . Larvae that grow in the cheese turns into maggots and digestive juices they make cheese more quickly ferment until it starts to rot . When you want to eat , there will be even maggots running around in it . Want ?

5 . Sannakji

Octopus is an interesting creature . They have a lot of foot tentacles that could lead differently . If you go to South Korea , you have to be careful when eating Sannakji , live octopus ! How to eat octopus cut is then sprinkled with soy sauce or sesame oil and ready to be eaten . It's just because it has not completely died , can - can legs tentacles move in your throat until they can climb up into the nasal cavity .

6 . Lutefisk

In Scandinavia you can enjoy Lutefisk , a dish of fish are dangerous sea . How to make fish is soaked in an alkaline solution for days . Why is the danger ? Because if submerged long , fat fish turned into soap even pH acidity levels could reach 12 and are very harmful to human digestion . Never mind the stomach , pans , plates , and spoons can experience corrosion .

7 . St . Elmo Steak House 's Shrimp Cocktail

A small restaurant in the area of ​​Indiana , United States selling a special dish designed for the lovers of spicy . Named St. Elmo Steak House , this food is basically a spicy shrimp cocktail from 9 kg grated horseradish mustard oil content. Dare eat super spicy food , then you should be prepared to feel sensations such as shock !

8 . Antimony

Antimony is a toxic heavy metal that causes inflammation , heart problems , seizures , major organ failure until death . In medieval Europe , people deliberately mengelan Antimony in small quantities as a contraceptive pill for birth control . Only bets lives to eat .

9 . cannibalism

Although it is very terrible , apparently some tribal in this world still wearing ate human culture as a way to survive . Cannibalism even called similar to mad cow 's disease can not be prevented . Fore tribe in the jungles of Papua New Guinea suffered cannibalism until the 50's . They were cut dead relatives as a ritual burial of the dead so that they regard as a source of food .

10 . Tea leaves Urushi

In Sokushinbutsu tradition in Japan , there is a poisonous tea leaves used . The poisonous leaves using the leaf of a tree Urushi which actually contains a number of deadly poison . Most important is the way of making that must be careful because if either , of the leaves Urushi toxins can make people lose a lot of fluids and lead to death .
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