7 Most Deadly Water in the World

The world is 70 % of which is in the form of water . Why is that ? Because water is a major ingredient for living things need to survive in this world . But do you know if there is a deadly waters ? Yes , even if its existence is beneficial , water - water that was launched by the listverse.com can be deadly because it is very dangerous if consumed by humans . Curious what ? see 7 water deadliest in the world who quoted from unikgaul.com :

1 . Johannesburg river


 If you are looking berkesampatan river water around Johannesburg then you have to be careful because there will be a lot of running around inside E. coli bacteria . Coli bacteria count in the river is also so much to exceed the reasonable rate . Some areas , such as the Cheetah Bridge , there are E. coli 240 -fold that of course if you consume can cause severe abdominal pain .

2 . Lake Karachay


Karachay Lake Karachay is located in the pristine , beautiful but deadly . The lake could be the most dangerous radioactive sources in the earth because of a major nuclear waste dumping ground until the late '90s . Karachay poison enough to kill without having to drink the water . How can that be? Because by standing on the side you can receive a lethal radioactive radiation attacks will not be lost until at least 500 years later .

3 . Potomac river


Potomac River is located in the down town Washington DC and is considered a deadly river because of frequent deaths there . The area between Great Falls and Chain Bridge forming rapids that flow down as far as 1.5 kilometers so that strong currents can make anyone trapped and died in the water . Reported an average of six people are killed each year in the Potomac that makes it so bad .

4 River Belle Fourche


Belle Fourche river not toxic , radioactive or educate . However, this lake has dots deadly whirlpool of unknown cause . Located near the dam Diversionm lot of deaths that occurred there . Mostly it is people who are enjoying the beauty of the river , but trapped in the whirlpool and disappeared under the water .

5 . Tualatin river


Tualatin River in Oregon is not a pleasant place for a dog . Because almost every year many pups died due to exposure to toxic blue-green algae . The algae actually contain bacteria that can make diarrhea worse for those who consume the water .

6 . Boiling Lake


Boiling Lake Named and discovered in 1870 by two British men . Temperatures in the lake reached 82 to 91.5 ° C ( 180-197 ° F ) are very capable to make your skin exfoliate . Do not quit shocked , because temperatures as high as it is measured from the edge of the lake , which means in the middle and it was much hotter . Intend to measure it ? Hopefully not terebus alive .

7 . Lake Kivu


Three hundred meters ( 1,000 feet ) beneath Lake Kivu there is a time bomb . The time bomb is more than 250 cubic kilometers ( 60 cubic miles) of carbon dioxide substance with about 65 cubic kilometers of methane gas which is more than enough to supply power to several countries . The problem is if the bomb was secured when it will flood the surrounding settlements and could kill thousands of people . The methane gas is now inactive and may be a matter of time .