Alcoholic beverages Girl With Breast Sense

An alcoholic beverage vending companies from Germany, G - Spirits tried to present a new taste in the art of drinking alcohol . They try to present a girl breast flavored drink .

Alexa Varga , G - Spirits


Reportedly , a variety of beverages consisting of a limited edition vodka , rum , and whiskey was poured over the chest of the first model before then in -package into the bottle .
The models involved are Alexa Varga , Amina Malakona , and Evelin Aubert . They also photographed while contributing to the 2,500 -liter G - Spirits , who then put the photo in a web company and the bottles were sold .

Amina Malakona , G - Spirit


The spokesman admitted , even though it is a campaign to attract the attention of consumers , but also health standards considered .

" We pay high attention to late - hygienic filling process , the medical personnel present to check it out .. , " said the spokesman , was quoted as saying

What ya like it ? So curious .

Evelin Aubert , G - Spirit