7 animals most scared snake

This is the dreaded snake animals , sometimes when we neh Part of humans that look ordinary snake shuddered and its definitely stay away . But not with the animals below. But friends of friends turned unikbaca know snake also have natural enemies in the wild , the snake finally got his opponent equivalent in nature , this proves that the class snake though fear still exists , and this is a lesson for all of us , is like saying there is still a heaven in the sky , has not it , and this is the dreaded snake 7 animals .

1 . hedgehog


Hard to imagine it will be defeated by a snake is slow and weak animals like hedgehogs . hedgehog can easily kill a viper snake . Hedgehogs have a shield of duri.Duri - urchin spines are very, very dangerous for the snake . snake will be seriously injured and when the snake was going to bite the porcupine weak neck snake bites last few times and will crush the snake spine . Hedgehogs can tolerate doses of arsenic that if tested in humans could kill 25 people . But the hedgehog can also die if bitten by a snake on a particular section . Echidna hedgehog is the weakest part of the hedgehog .

2 . badger


Badgers are well known for their ability to kill snake . Badgers will be grabbed at the back of the head of the snake and the snake will bite with their powerful jaws . Snake with a length of 1.5 m can be spent Badger in 15 minutes . Badger immune to cobra could be highly neurotoxic to humans . Badgers will be a little faint if bitten by a poisonous snake but soon after realized badgers will eat the snake . This ferocious carnivore known as a snake hunter .

3 . mongooses


Mongooses ( ferret ) paralyze the snake with their views ( like hypnosis course hihihihi ) after the snake does not move as fast as lightning ferrets will bite the snake in the head with powerful jaws . ferrets have a thick layer of skin so that the snake can not easily get into their bodies . Mongoose cobra can kill all 3 m . moongoose but not entirely immune to snake venom . Mongoose takes several hours to recover his strength after being exposed to snake venom . normally after mongoose recovered his strength he would attack the snake back and eat the snake . Head of the snake will be the first meal times.

4 . Secretary bird


Bird called the secretary because she has a tuft of bristles resembling ditengkuk old secretary who tuck their ears pencils . Secretary birds are usually killed the snake with a powerful kick with as secretary bird has a long and strong legs . If you can not membuuh snake on the ground , secretary bird will bring snake into the air and threw stones .

5 . Snake Snake Eater


There is a snake eating its own speisesnay ! They are Musaran snake ( Clelia ) from South America . And of course is the King Cobra snake . King Cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world , can reach 5.5 m in length . A scientific name Ophiophagus which means snake -eater and the most preferred prey adalah.ular King Cobras Cobras ! It's an ungodly snake ! King Cobras in North America also likes to prey on other snake are venomous rattlesnake ( rattler ) . King cobras are immune to rattlesnake venom .

6 . birds Raptors


Raptor bird or snake eagle . This bird inhabits regions of Europe , Asia and Africa . Their favorite prey are snake .

7 . Armadillos or anteaters


Armadillos snake kill themselves by crashing the snake so the snake is cut off by a shell Armadillos are very hard and sharp .