10 Deadly Food in the World

The food is a nice thing , especially if you're hungry . And do you know if the food in many countries there is not the same with each other . Besides that , there are also foods that seem to be made of material is quite dangerous .

Yes , call it a food made from poisonous fish or rotting cheese . But strangely , it's the food like there is still eating and be really careful . Although deemed illegal , harmful food was still there . What are ya food? Reported bagusseven.blogspot.com , they are :

1 . Naga Jolokia chilli

.Book of world records noted that Naga Jolokia pepper is the hottest pepper in the world has ever seen . This chili grown in Nagaland , India . Several other areas in India like Assam and Manipur also a place that many found Naga Jolokia . So spiciness , when you consume 4 kg Naga Jolokia , you could die.

2 . Datura

One of the American Indian tribes use the fruit plant Datura trumpet is to determine if a boy ready to be a man . Datura fruit contains toxins that can cause strong delirium , fever , rapid heart rate , until the permanent amnesia . In which the boy was eating the fruit of Datura locked up a few weeks ago and if it survived then he has become a man.

3 . Calabar bean

In tropical Africa grew a pea caliber that you can find in Calabar . A description of the dangerous foods are very clear for Caliber . Because these peas have high toxicity . Desperate to try ? Then you have to get ready to experience nerve damage , muscle spasms , respiratory and digestive system damage and even death .

4 . casu Marzu

On the island of Sardinia , Italy is a local cheese that is prohibited on the grounds called Casu Marzu hygiene . This cheese is made from sheep's milk and accidentally injected with a special fly larvae . Larvae that grow in the cheese turns into maggots and digestive juices they make cheese more quickly ferment until it starts to rot . When you want to eat , there will be even maggots running around in it . Want ?

5 . Sannakji

Octopus is an interesting creature . They have a lot of foot tentacles that could lead differently . If you go to South Korea , you have to be careful when eating Sannakji , live octopus ! How to eat octopus cut is then sprinkled with soy sauce or sesame oil and ready to be eaten . It's just because it has not completely died , can - can legs tentacles move in your throat until they can climb up into the nasal cavity .

6 . Lutefisk

In Scandinavia you can enjoy Lutefisk , a dish of fish are dangerous sea . How to make fish is soaked in an alkaline solution for days . Why is the danger ? Because if submerged long , fat fish turned into soap even pH acidity levels could reach 12 and are very harmful to human digestion . Never mind the stomach , pans , plates , and spoons can experience corrosion .

7 . St . Elmo Steak House 's Shrimp Cocktail

A small restaurant in the area of ​​Indiana , United States selling a special dish designed for the lovers of spicy . Named St. Elmo Steak House , this food is basically a spicy shrimp cocktail from 9 kg grated horseradish mustard oil content. Dare eat super spicy food , then you should be prepared to feel sensations such as shock !

8 . Antimony

Antimony is a toxic heavy metal that causes inflammation , heart problems , seizures , major organ failure until death . In medieval Europe , people deliberately mengelan Antimony in small quantities as a contraceptive pill for birth control . Only bets lives to eat .

9 . cannibalism

Although it is very terrible , apparently some tribal in this world still wearing ate human culture as a way to survive . Cannibalism even called similar to mad cow 's disease can not be prevented . Fore tribe in the jungles of Papua New Guinea suffered cannibalism until the 50's . They were cut dead relatives as a ritual burial of the dead so that they regard as a source of food .

10 . Tea leaves Urushi

In Sokushinbutsu tradition in Japan , there is a poisonous tea leaves used . The poisonous leaves using the leaf of a tree Urushi which actually contains a number of deadly poison . Most important is the way of making that must be careful because if either , of the leaves Urushi toxins can make people lose a lot of fluids and lead to death .