The immune system is an important part of one's body to fight disease and infection . A weak immune system can lead to serious health conditions , such as infection or flu . Therefore very important to maintain a strong immune system , and one way to do it is to avoid these 10 bad habits that quoted from health.kompas.com

1 . smokeSmoking not only increases the risk of lung cancer , but can also weaken the immune system . There are thousands of toxins in cigarette smoke that can affect immune cells in the body and impair their function . This is the reason why smokers are more prone to severe respiratory problems such as asthma , bronchitis and even pneumonia . If you are a smoker and are looking for ways to strengthen the immune system , then you need to quit smoking .

2 . alcoholResearch has shown the effects of excessive alcohol consumption and how it can destroy the antibodies necessary to fight off the infected cells . Such as smokers , those who suffer from alcohol addiction are more likely to suffer from serious infections and diseases such as tuberculosis .

3 . lack of sleepIt is important to get a good rest in order to make sure your immune system is functioning properly . When sleeping , the body is able to restore and refuel , including the immune system . If you limit the amount of sleep time consistently, you have put yourself at higher risk of infection and other serious health conditions such as heart disease , stroke , hypertension , diabetes and obesity .

4 . lack of exerciseNot having enough time berolaharaga can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of disease or infection . Research has shown that regular physical activity can help boost the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body to help fight all forms of the disease .

5 . Too many sportsExcessive physical activity can cause problems with the cardiovascular system and can overload the immune system . Remember , ample time off for recovery is just as important to the immune system than adequate exercise .

6 . stressIf you 're wondering how stress can lead to serious health conditions , the following is the explanation. Stress can weaken the immune system . High levels of stress can create hormonal imbalances in your body , damaging the function of the immune system that can affect the way the body heal wounds , and may even lead to more serious health conditions .

7 . Lack of drinking waterWater is an amazing liquid , which can help the overall functioning of your body , including the immune system . Water has the ability to flush all the harmful toxins in the body's immune system . Drinking enough water can also membarikan opportunity for the immune system to rest and help it do its job .

8 . not cleanCleanliness may not affect your immune system directly , but it can prevent infection and disease by eliminating germs and bacteria . If you are a slob, you will only aggravate the task of the immune system , because you can invite behavior harmful organisms into the body . At some point , these organisms can defeat the immune system that cause disease or infection .

9 . obesityScientists have found that obesity can weaken a person's immune system . While further research is needed to find a direct relationship between obesity and increased risk of infection because the immune system is weakened . Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly perting to be applied to people with obesity to reduce the risk of health complications .

10 . Too much sunBriefly bask in the sun by using sunscreen is not really a bad thing , but the sun too long can make the skin burn . Research has shown a link between UV radiation and damage to the immune system . Excessive sun exposure can also increase the risk of skin cancer