7 Things the Most Feared Man in the World

In general , the fears that many experienced people in the world , ranging in terms of matters of daily life , from relationships , family , finances up . Here are 7 things that people fear most in the world
1 . Dead scared .Fear of death is the ultimate fear experienced by humans . Almost all people are not ready to die despite knowing that death sooner or later must come . Many people are scared and worried about what might happen after death . To overcome this fear , it is important to understand that life is a cycle of birth and death , both are two sides of the same coin . Excessive fear of death called Thanatofobia .

Fear of failure .When trying something , there are always two possibilities , namely succeed or fail . Atychiphobia is the irrational fear of failure that ultimately makes a person not want to do something for fear of failure . If the phobia remains untreated , the symptoms will continue to worsen over time . Loss of motivation and a decline in confidence is likely to follow that can lead to more severe symptoms such as depression .

3 . Rejected fear .Everyone wants his presence is accepted , both by environmental and loved ones . Some people even who are so dependent on the recognition , approval or judgment of others to himself . These people are so driven by the need to be accepted and lose his own identity . Some people then withdrew because of fear of rejection . This they eventually distanced himself from friends, family and caregivers who cared for him .

4 . Afraid of the Dark .Except for the benefit of sleep , almost all men who are not in a state of sleep would be afraid of the dark . Dark areas are also often a source of crime . This fear arises from the uncertainty faced because they could not see clearly objects around it . Excessive fear of the dark is called Lygophobia , the intense fear of something that poses no real danger . In many cases , this fear mingled with the fear of ghosts or other mythical figures .

5 . Fall from height fear .Imagine yourself at an altitude often caused panic and fear . Symptoms include cold sweat , shaking and nausea . Excessive fear of heights called Hypsiphobia .

6 . Fear of Loss of a loved one .Togetherness with loved ones is the moment the happiest in life . When it came time to end the togetherness , both because of separation , divorce or death , many people who later fell sad to depression . Spend more time with family and friends who loved . When it comes time to lose them , then the wonderful memories will keep those left behind feel excited to live .

7 . Poor scared .If ever poor or grew up in a poor neighborhood , people generally have a very strong fear of poverty . The best way to fight poverty is to educate yourself and learn how to earn money . Money plays a central role in our lives and deserves attention . But sometimes people are so afraid of falling into poverty and loss of wealth . Excessive fear is called Peniaphobia .