The following 7 Symbol of Satan in the World , as quoted from several sources

1 . Scarab Symbol


Scarab symbol is taken from the Latin Scarabaeus SACER believe is one of the world satanic symbol .
He is one member of the family pet beetle . The ancient Egyptians believed this type of beetle species as something sacred , purified and used as a symbol , a sign , or a talisman .
Scarab used in rituals to invoke the things that offend, and dirty . While others are more appropriate name for this beetle is a " Dung " ( Dirt ) .
Perhaps because of his hobby that likes to dig a hole in a pile of dirt . In addition to spawning , as well as for food storage .
In the tropics , it is not surprising that finding dirt clumps of dung beetles as big as apples toying with her ​​body . Indeed disgusting , but it's also why the witches prefer to use beetle in conjurations .

2 . Hexagram Symbol


Hexagram called because of the shape of a hexagon . Hexagram often used in ritual ceremonies in the mystical world of black magic . This symbol should be available when the call demons repeatedly during the ritual took place . The word ' Hex ' is derived from the symbol .
There is an important note concerning the Hexagram Symbol used famous magician ever Cellini . First , he and his student , Cenci , trying to challenge the demons from within a circle that has been painted on the ground at the Coliseum ( coliseum ) , the Roman town .
Most of the devil is going to show up when invited , but it is precisely the presence of destructive ritual . But Cellini sure , as long as he and his disciples were in the circle will be safe from the attacks of Satan. Cenci at the time claimed to have seen five major figure of the devil trying hard to penetrate the circle Hexagram .
In spiritual Chinese , the I Ching , Hexagam also used with a combination of straight lines and the dashed lines are associated with energy " Yin " and " Yang " . Hexagram , basically did not show understanding that can make my hair stand .

3 . Pentagram Symbol

This symbol is often used by women witches do practice . Pentagram associated with Lucifer and female witches believe that Lucifer means " son of the morning " .
There is some truth in the idea of ​​the devil is described as an ' angel lights ' and is one of the most beautiful creatures ever created . Therefore , a sense of pride and self- conceit have mastered Lucifer . Due to the nature also makes it sunk in error .
If the pentagram is played in reverse , so the shape is kind of a " horned " . Or if observed carefully . The star symbol in the rotation seemed to form a devil 's face .
And until recently used as a symbol of the Pentagram is used throughout the Church of Satan in the world .

4 . Unicorn Horn Symbol

If money is a problem , this symbol is believed to offer bebarapa mystical solution . First used Druid priests in Scotland and Ireland .
Typically , Unicorn horn is used in rituals to ask for financial assistance to the devil . Another name for this symbol is " Italian horn " , " fairy wand " or " stick Leprechaun " .
In Indian mythology , symbol horns are often mentioned . It looks like the epitome of male genitalia . If observed carefully , on some clothes , this looks like a symbol encircling the wearer's neck .
While in Europe , thought to be associated with unicorn symbol issue is a symbol of sexuality and sexual power . Unicorn Legend stories contained in the Christian , Islamic , Chinese , and Indian .

5 . Eye of Horus Symbol

Horus is a god associated with the sun . He was the son of Isis and Osiris . Eye of Horus is a mystical symbol of the dark forces which means ' knowing ' and ' Seer ' .
Usually he painted in hieroglips ( ancient Egyptian writing ) on the walls Piramid.Osiris is the king 's death as well as the judge . He was the husband and brother of Isis . He is also a senior figure of the highest god in ancient Egyptian belief .
Typically , Osiris is often depicted as a male figure with a beard adorning his chin and wrapped like a mummy . Perched on her head a crown known as the 'Crown Atef ' .
Even if he had died in battle , but yet he can be revived by his son , Horus . Isis was the goddess of fertility and mother of Horus . In addition to Egypt , he is also known as one of the legends of the gods in Greek and Roman empires .

6 . Crescent Symbol


Completing the discussion of the Eye of Horus , the crescent moon is used as a symbol of Isis . Other identity is Diana , the Queen of Heaven . Mengkisahkan ancient books of history comes from the grandson of Noah's descendants named Cush . He married a wicked woman named Semiramis who later became queen of Babylon .
In the mystical world astray , there are several forms of this evil women , among them : Venus , Ashtoreth , Diana , Isis .
Satanic symbols often associated with the issue of sex is not uncommon . Under the stars and moon , this ritual involves followers enjoy sex with each other in the name of Satan .

7 . Ankh Symbol


At first glance this symbol similar to the teachings of the Christian cross . But it is not . This picture had nothing to do with the cross . Ankh is a symbol of strength terdahsyat black mystical world . If traced its history , Ankh comes from ancient Egyptian mysticism .
At that time Ankh used in worship ceremonies RA , the sun god of ancient Egypt is believed to be another manifestation of the devil . Ra is also regarded as the creator of the universe and is worshiped by the ancient Egyptians . Circle above the head is a picture of the sun .
Ankh is a symbol of reincarnation . But the concept is different from the understanding of Buddhism and Hinduism . In the teachings of ancient Egypt , Ankh meaningful life as immortality .
The main requirement for the use of this symbol , the people of ancient Egypt are required to present the sanctity of the virgin in a ritual feast that creepy .
Well that symbol - symbol in the world who believed a demon emblems or symbols disangkut pautkan with the worship of the devil .
Of some satanic symbol above is the most striking symbol of hexagons that can be found in the flag of Israel and also the inspiration for the secret society of the Illuminati symbol .
Hopefully the info 7 symbol in the world who believe Satan is a symbol of the above can add to our knowledge and information about the symbols commonly used by Satanists .