The following 7 Unique Planet in the Universe,

1. Planet WASP-12b

This planet is the hottest planet ever discovered humans so far. A surface temperature can reach 3,200 degrees Celsius. The difference is only 3,700 degrees Celsius of our Sun's surface temperature is 5,500 degrees Celsius. For a distance of Planet WASP-12b is 870 light years from Earth. You can imagine yourself how far.

2. Planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390L b

Which planet is the coldest and most distant with the Blue Earth. Own temperature 220 degrees Celsius below zero, no life could survive with this temperature. And to distance itself ie 28 thousand light years.

3. Planet Dubbed TrES-4

This is the biggest planet and dikatahui found to date. Although the distance to the sun is not so far OGLE planets are only 1,400 light years away, but for the problems sizes 1.7 x planet Jupiter.

4. Planet Kepler-10b

Which is the biggest planet was ever invented by man, and that this is the smallest planet ever discovered man called Planet Kepler-10b. This planet is the smallest planet outside the solar system, was discovered in January 2011.

5. Planet sweeps-10

This is the planet with the fastest orbital speed. Only the 10-hour course can circumnavigate the planet bintanya. Just imagine if we lived there, get old ya jik year there are only 10 hours? hehehe If it's our earth there are 365-366 days a year.

6. Planet GJ 1214b

Planet GJ 1214b is estimated by astronomers all over the planet's surface is covered by water. Maybe there is life there because so much water. 3 times the size of a planet the size of Earth is located about 40 light years from Earth.

7. Paltry Planet

Well planet that is not half-hearted, he has three suns. How hot the Earth if it is yes? hehe do, horrified. The distance from the earth about 149 light-years away


Every woman wants long slender legs, but what it would be Svetlana Pankratova? Because she is a woman with the world's longest legs. Unmitigated feet 1.3 meters long.

Svetlana has officially get the title from the Guinness Book of World Records. By then the whole foot 1.3 m height is 1.9 meters. No wonder Svetlana suitable working as a basketball coach at Falls Church, Virginia.

"It's not at all easy because the kids love teasing you," said the Russian-born woman as reported didunia.net. "They love to tease because I looked different. So I was often teased as high. "

Although long legs but not the woman Svetlana highest worldwide. The title holder is Yao Defen with 2.3 meters height. But Yao had died, allegedly due to gigantism.


One very interesting mystery attention of researchers to be disclosed is the existence of buildings that have a weird style structure, or seem impossible at times like now up on this. The building may also be a mystery because it is made of material that is currently very difficult to find. And many more which makes researchers curious about the mystery building. The following summarizes unikgaul.com 5 mystery building in the world.

1. Gobekli Tepe

Building the first mystery, the Gobekli Tepe is located in the southeast of Turkey. Exactly 15 km northeast of the city of Sanliurfa. The building is shaped three ancient megalithic stone circle. It is estimated that the building is close to the Syrian border has been standing since 11,600 years ago, or 7000 years BC the great pyramid of Giza stands. Thus considered to be the oldest in the world today.

When first discovered, buried in a state of Gobekli Tepe. From the research, while the building was built by a group of hunters in those who actually lives a nomadic or sedentary. Still not known for certain why the building could be buried. Only slowly the archaeologists began to find a point of light on the history of the building. Especially after studying the building of sculpted reliefs made of limestone. Most of the reliefs depict animals together like gazelles, snakes, foxes, scorpions, and wild boar.

Some historians involved in the study had concluded that the building is a place of worship. However, in its development, discovered new evidence that leads to a special building as temple complex. However, all that remains uncertain, due to the current research by scientists from Germany and Turkey continue to be developed. Of course, the hope, the mystery of the circular building could soon be revealed.

2. Stonehenge

The next mystery is building on the outskirts of England, near Amesbury in Wiltshire. Or 13 km seaward Salisbury. Unsolved mysteries of this place is the existence of Stonehenge, or the giant stone structure that stands upright circular. Although first discovered from Gobekeli Tepe, but Stonehenge is considered the younger age of development. So that the composition of these rocks also exist that estimates the adaptation of history at Gobekli Tepe.

Debate about the stone age. Most of the archeologists made building Stonehenge between 2500 BC and 2000 BC. The first serious attempt to understand the monument was done around 1740 by William Stukeley. And to attempt to understand this stone continues to the scientists, history, and other archaeologists, to search for new evidence by other studies.

And the mystery unsolved until now was not known purpose built giant stone, whether it will be a palace, a place of worship, or temple. Mystery of Stonehenge are included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1986, is still under investigation.

3. Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Building the next mystery, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. After the name implies, this building is in Zimbabwe. Perhaps we have never thought that in a country which is now classified as impoverished country, leaving a trail of history that until now have not been able to solve the mystery. Of course, since in the rare African desert past the rest of human civilization.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins, became the most important archaeological sites ever found in Africa. Although historians and archaeologists are still seeking answers about the origin and purpose built complex of buildings on the land area of ​​722 hectares, but the evidence found in the relics included in the world heritage site as a place of worship like the people at that time.

Even countries such as Zimbabwe make building a national symbol and name the bird species found in the place of the same name, which is Zimbabwe. Believed that a building with 800 meters of the fort stood since the 11th century. And most believe the construction is done to indigenous Zimbabweans.

4. Building Underwater Yonaguni

Other enigmatic buildings, namely Yonaguni. Not just the physical building that holds mystery, but also a place where the buildings there, which is below the sea. Up to now make the building under the sea can be a difficult thing to do. So the existence of Yonaguni building deserves to be called to save a million mysteries.

The building has an estimated age of 5,000 to up to 8,000 years, in the form of rock debris managed as a temple as if carved. Since discovered accidentally by a Japanese national diver, Kihaciro Aratake in 1987, until now buried stone buildings at a depth of 30 meters is so much debate. Even to bring in stray opinion of the public, such as carved magical underwater creatures.

Many experts regard it as archaeologists and geologists rock formations formed through natural processes. However, it's hard to believe Yonaguni structures are formed through natural processes, given the precision perfection in every stone structure, to form a masterpiece like that. So do not think of it as a little bit of fruit expert human hands.

Due to its unique formulation and under the sea, the building is now a tourist attraction Yonaguni is quite popular for divers. However, the tourists who want to see this mystery building must be good at diving, because it ruins located in the open waters with high waves and strong currents.

5. Georgia Guiedestones

Shaped building five stone structure nearly 5 m tall with a weight of 20 tons is among the four rectangular granite stone her feet and the other one was left asleep on the four pillars that form the symbol stands plus. Judging from the architecture of the building, the building is not created in ancient times.

In each of the pillars carved on instruction and guidance so that people can rebuild a new civilization on earth, but do not leave and forget the history of his ancestors. Instructions were carved in four languages, namely Arabic, Chinese, Russian, English, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew, and Swahili. On the four sides of the granite stone that was lying on top of the four pillars of a clue to the language already disappeared oldest cultures in the world, ie Sanskrit, ancient Greek, Babylonian Cuneiform, and ancient Egypt.

The building was founded by a group of Mansonis, Freemasonri, Illuminati, pagan, satanic groups and other supporters. However, it is not clear that the command is written in stone intended for anyone. And the mystery unsolved until now, that is who built the building.


 The pool is usually a rectangular or oval to round. But look at the various pools that exist in this article. You will find many unique forms pools.

In addition to the unique shape, you will find a swimming pool that takes a natural design to the pool which was made on the hotel balcony, a little scary but exciting.

Curious to see what the most unique swimming pools in the world. Here are 10 Unique Shape Swimming Pool quoted from Vemale.com

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